Monday, 20 February 2012

It's Been A While

So I know I haven't posted in over a month but I'm not even going to bother giving you any excuse, instead I'm just going to write some stuff and show you some pictures of things I've been doing etc. So this post may be a little picture heavy.

I know blogging was one of my 10 things to keep up with and I've been failing at it, but I have been keeping up with some others, the cupcake one specifically. Here's a few pics:

So my current total for that is now 4/50 which is progress. I had to skip the rose ones because the recipe calls for rose extract and I couldn't find it anywhere in the country, so if anyone knows where to find it, or if rose water is okay to use then do let me know!

Most of the time I've been working and sleeping and it's been a little crazy all round. I've also felt uninspired but I'm finally getting some time to myself and I'm digging myself out of the rut I seem to be in so things are looking up.

Anyway this is just a quick update to say I'm still alive and about and I will be posting more often. I'm planning on doing some fashion posts and more cupcakes and maybe Ill post some poems or stories soon too :).

See you on the flip side!

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