Thursday, 5 January 2012

Happy New Year!

I know I now owe you an extra month's worth of posts since I haven't posted for four weeks, but it was the Christmas period and it was mental and I really have no excuse but I'm here now, first week of January and I'm ready to post, once a week for this entire year! Oh dear what have I gotten into?

I'm making progess slowly on my list!

1. Finish at least one of the novels I have started.
2. Learn to drive.
3. Open a savings account and start saving.
4. Get another tattoo
5. Go to an open mic night - poetry, not singing. - I'm going to one on Friday!
6. Blog at least once a week - 1/52
7. Get a job or work experience relevant to my career goals. - I'm a student blogger over at, but I'm still keeping my eyes peeled for internships etc.
8. Bake all the cupcake recipes from the cupcake book I bought. - 1/50. I made the Vanilla cupcake recipe the other day, picture below.
9. Visit another country.
10. Go to at least one new bar/club/restaurant/place.
So my Vanilla cupcakes worked out alright, I didn't have a piping bag on the premises at the time so the frosting is just slathered on with a knife and topped with sprinkles so they don't look as good as they could do! But I have ordered some baking stuff so hopefully the next ones will be looking much better! I worked out that there are 50 recipes in the book, so uh I'm going to have to bake once a week? Oh dear, my mums going to love me! Here's a pic of the Vanilla cupcakes, they did taste good so I'm pretty happy about it!

It is now 2012, how weird is that! Have you made any New Years Resolutions? My main one is to complete this list! But I've also come up with a few extra things I'd like to try and do, but won't hold myself to them:

1. Expand my palette as they say - basically I want to try and eat more varied foods instead of sticking to the same old thing all the time. Does anyone know any cool restaurants?
2. Loose a bit of weight - Now I know time, money and motivation all count for this one and if I do loose a couple of pounds even then I'll be pretty happy, but I know my life can be pretty hectic at times so I'm not pressurising myself into this one.
3. Try out new bars, clubs and cocktails. - I know my 10th thing on the list was to go to at least 1 new place, which I did, but now I want to find a place where I feel that I can happily go and recommend as a place to go, since my return from Uni I haven't felt particularly connected to any sort of night-time lifestyle and I want to find a place to do that. I also want to find a decent cocktail bar in Belfast so that I can go and chillax with a nice large alcoholic beverage if I ever need to. I think this NYR is the most promising because I feel more enthused about it that the other two!. Here's hoping.

I think one and three kinda contradict number 2, but we'll see how it goes! Leave comments letting me know your New Year Resolutions and if you can recommend any interesting foods, places or cocktails to try!

Until next time,

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